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Unlike other sprinkler-related publications, our readership consists of subscribers who pay to receive FPC. Don't be misled by deceiving circulation numbers from other publications. Associations include subscriptions as a benefit of membership. Some boost their numbers by sending "give-aways" to fire protection-related services in an attempt to get the paid circulation we already have. FPC reaches those groups as well, because these organizations know that anything worth receiving is worth paying for. They don't take the chance of receiving a complimentary magazine every once in a while. They want each and every informative issue of FPC every month.

Who reads FPC?
FPC has subscribers from coast to coast in almost every state in the United States, throughout most provinces in Canada, and in approximately 25 countries and territories throughout the world. Most of our readership is made up of contractors, designers, and engineers — the people who purchase and specify your products and services. These are readers who make comments like: “The essays and articles regarding our industry are without equal.” And, “Thank you for providing the best trade journal in the industry and offering a comprehensive list of products and services.” Manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, AHJs, fire service personnel, insurance companies, educators, libraries, and various other groups are also valued subscribers of FPC. Who reads FPC? Everbody who is anybody in the fire sprinkler industry.

Pass Along Readership
But, subscribers aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits from FPC. Surveys by publishing organizations reveal that the average magazine is read or reviewed by four people.

Monthly Circulation Reports
Additionally, FPC publishes circulation reports in each monthly edition of FPC. You won’t find that in most publications. We also publish our Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation every November.

Simply, if you want to reach the fire sprinkler industry,
there is no better place than in the pages of

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